Musica de los Muertos
Giclee on Watercolor Driving back from Atlanta after a tattoo convention I had time to conjure up the ideas for this image, my initial idea was to juxtapose a skeleton with red roses, as a sort of funeral symbolism, then I struck upon the idea to have the roses manifesting out of a trumpet which the skeleton would be playing. This led me into the New Orleans jazz concept and having him in a cemetery with tombs, well I redrew the tombs and turned them into casinos and bars reflecting the bourbon street sort of vibe, so in essence you have this skeleton, which is the minister presiding over a funeral in the afterlife where the tombs are transformed into urban counterparts. The newcomers, dressed in day of the dead costumes, are transported to the great beyond by ghost train cars, all around them are temptations in the form of casinos and bars. If they would only follow the music they could climb the rosevine to paradise. To play good jazz you got to have soul!

By: Pooch (Michael Pucciarelli)
Medium: Giclee
Dimensions: 18 x 24

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